Star Program--contract artist Training

To provide quality artists signing services to create a first-line star

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My advantage

Domestic and foreign first-class training instructors

Invited from France, South Korea, Hollywood, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other famous teachers professional teaching, and has the North Shadow, China visiting professors for artists regular training.

High-quality cooperation resources

Hundreds of online cooperation media, hundreds of film and television companies, thousands of producers, directors, brokers, cultural cooperation agencies

Professional Precision Audience Fan service

Provide accurate audience fan service for television program recordings, concerts, fan meetings, film and television premieres, press conferences, etc.

Star guest through train

To be able to push for star artists to arrange 16 provincial satellite TV 60 more television programs, 6 network platform program announcements, while the star brokerage business and advertising services

Excellent artist

NanQianYu 25 years old

actor singer

RenYi 28 years old


Eilish 25 years old

singer Host model

JunXi 29 years old



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