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The world's first O2O eco-video Entertainment artists broker integrated Social Services Platform

Collection of entertainment tens of millions of money to create the world's first O2O eco-film Entertainment artists broker social services platform. Platform to training, packaging, signing, business performance, integration of entertainers to create guidelines to live online, cast announcements, artists brokers, entertainment information, film publicity for the development direction, is committed to the full integration of film and industry-related resources to achieve optimal allocation of resources. Collection of entertainment hope for the film and television companies, entertainment brokers, artists brokerage chain partners to provide quality resources swaps, open their own internet platform, film and television publicity, Platform star, and other aspects of the ability to jointly promote the entertainment industry innovation and development.

Hollywood (Shenzhen) film and television training Culture Media Co., Ltd.

With training and offline art training as the main

The company takes the line art training as the main, relying on its Hollywood (China) film and Television Arts Institute for the vast number of students and film enthusiasts to provide film and television lovers, including post-production, animation production, film and television choreographer, performance, makeup, photography and other film and television full process of high-end vocational skills internship training for the film, animation, advertising production, MTV shooting, Graphic model trainees provide a one-stop art training service for the cast, fashion show, theatrical performances to provide all kinds of film and television actors, models, singers, presenters, dancers, special actors and training to promote all kinds of talent.

Cannes (Shenzhen) film and television brokerage Culture Co., Ltd.

Committed to signing brokerage artists

Cannes (Shenzhen) film and television brokerage Culture Co., Ltd. is committed to signing brokerage artists, foreign film and television activities, festivals, economic signing, film and television production, brokers, models, artists, etiquette, hosting, exhibition, auto Show, interpretation, shooting, dance and so on. Companies in the film and television artists brokerage for the main business at the same time the film and television cast project investment, attracting investments and development, based on performing arts broker, cut into the upstream industry, the formation of film and television projects and the virtuous circle between artists. The company has always been adhering to the "Cooperation and win, service first" business concept. To high-quality professional star brokers, star business performance, star concert planning, implementation as a whole to occupy the film and television brokerage market, rich in resources, and many artists have a close trust of the cooperative relationship, with film and television, singers, host and other types of artists of the primary resources, but also have all kinds of experts and scholars, sports star Resources

Oscar (Shenzhen) film Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Committed to the world's top large-scale event organization planning

A collection of large-scale competitions, parties, concerts and a variety of commercial performance investment, planning organization in one comprehensive combat-oriented culture media company. The main service items are cultural activities planning and commercial performance planning, on-site, micro-film, public interest films, brand planning and dissemination. The company alone and the liaison office of the tournament has collected a cup of the world's top Cheongsam contest, the World Super Model competition, the world's top original singers competition. Companies to provide professional activities platform, welcomed the entertainment industry to jointly organize events.

Speed Dating

Focus on the "return car" empty speed matching

The speed match is a logistics service platform based on mobile internet +DT Logistics + intelligent Matching. The traditional logistics industry and mobile Internet, IoT, large data, block chain technology, through the Internet to achieve real-time supervision of logistics, through the bidding source, the same city speed, vehicle scheduling, freight management to achieve logistics online transactions, offline service operation of the O2O mode. At present, the platform serves 30 million owner owners of the country, the future will gradually move to the international market, to open up international logistics and freight channels for the global logistics demand side to provide quality services.

Collection Network

Comprehensive News and information portal

To seamlessly link the world Chinese Internet Life Community for the development direction, with the purpose of living, interactivity, timeliness and openness, to provide Internet users with content as the core of Chinese online services. Content to news and information, entertainment, online film and television, social, scientific education, art, video live mainly. platform to converge on the focus of public attention, text, pictures, video and other forms of service in China and the global Chinese community.

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The world's first video recruitment platform

Focus on video recruitment, corporate reward, global foreign talent dispatch. Shenzhen is one of the three companies with foreign-related talent dispatch, and it has been established in many countries in Europe and America, and will radiate to Southeast Asia, North America and other regions in the next 2 years.

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