Partner Program Recruitment

Jointly build a global culture and entertainment market talent database, sharing a trillion-level cultural entertainment market dividend

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Partner Concept

Adhering to the "resources sharing, cooperation and mutual win" channel concept, with cooperation, sharing, open, mutual cooperation strategy, and partners to achieve a win-win situation.

We are building a team of partners who are highly identified with the search for a culture of science and technology and are willing to work for it, based on mission, vision and values.

City Partners

Including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, the major cities in Taiwan, authorized partners, as well as urban partners in overseas countries. The city partners have direct access to the Headquarters regional operation authorization and obtain the corresponding product, technology, operation support. The city partner mainly undertakes the collection entertainment area operation work.

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Corporate Strategic Alliances

United Film and television company, brokerage companies, entertainment and cultural media companies and other entertainment industry high-quality channels to enterprise resource sharing, mutual exchange and other cooperation means to reach a full entertainment strategic alliance, through the multi-party information sharing, high-quality resources and cooperation between partners long-term, strategic coordinated development, the construction of global ecological entertainment Internet service platform.

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Partner requirements

City Partners

With local relevant industry quality resources, contacts

Ability to build efficient, strong operations team

Entertainment industry has a wealth of industry contacts and social resources are preferred

Have a clear business thinking, local market development and publicity resources rich priority

Corporate Strategic Alliances

Willing to share and exchange resources with collection and entertainment

Need their own artists in the collection of entertainment platform, platform to provide publicity support

Rich in the city of film and television, artists, cultural resources

Willing to promote and expand the user community for the collection of entertainment

Benefit Guarantee


The city partners enjoy 65% profit sharing and various referral commission and related project profit sharing;


The partner enjoys the preferential low price subscription to collect the technology original shares;


A partner in a city that enjoys the resources of the whole city;


Operational start-up support, strong technical team support, solid brand support;

Collection of entertainment-provided support


Authorized partners to use to collect the brand image of science and technology project


Provide operational process guidance and local operations solutions


Provide unified marketing materials design Guidelines


Provide technical support


Authorized to be a partner in the collection of recreational strategies


Provide support for mainstream media resources


Provide the cultural and entertainment industry qualification support


Provide marketing-oriented resource support, provide extended business dividend payment

cooperation notes

Information to be provided by the partner application

1.Analysis report on the provinces and cities to cooperate;

2.Advantage Readme and Company profile;

3.Copy of Business License、Certificate of identity of legal person;

Entertainment Enterprise Alliance Object

1.Television, culture, media companies;

2.Brokerage company, artists brokerage organization;

3.Arts colleges and training institutions;

Partner Application

Partner Type:

Cooperation Process: Online application--review and evaluation--confirm cooperation--sign contract